The Gift of Belonging Outside the Norm.

If you are an outsider, a minority, an outcast, etc. You have been blessed with a tremendous gift, yet you might know it as a burden.

There is always a norm. No matter where you live, where you come from, or where you are going. You will almost certainly find a common idea of a limited spectrum of what or who to be, and the regions outside that spectrum of what not to be. Be it skin color, spiritually differing beliefs, sexual orientation, personality, ideals, hopes or dreams… there will always be something, and those people who cannot help but be the unacceptable.

An evident truth about living beings is evolution. We learn through education the large-scale ideas of evolution, but there is also a smaller scale idea of individual evolution. It can also be described as an expansion of sorts. A seed becomes a tree, an embryo becomes a fully grown adult of whatever species it is, etc. There is also growth, the seeking of transformation into a state in which it can be most beneficial to itself and its society. A seed cannot bear fruit or consume light for photosynthesis, but a tree can. An embryo cannot feed itself, build shelter, or support a community, but a fully grown adult can. And, if we look at specials as collectives, they all come their long ways to becoming stable, prosperous, and harmonious with life and the planet.

Humans are a unique story, mainly because of our intellect. We have powerful, infinite gratitude-worthy consciousness that allows us to experience life in previously (as far as we know) unexplored territory. We can recognize ourselves, form and destroy identity, construct entire cities, and experience the non-physical realms of life on immense levels. I do believe that there is a collective, cultivating consciousness harboring humanity. Call it God, call it the Universe, or even call it All. But, I do say that it is evident that humanity is striving toward something, expanding, and building on itself in effort to reach a new point of life.

In every specimen studied, there have appeared evolutionary, differing traits that allowed a species to thrive as its surroundings changed. Adaptation. Or, expansion to become suitable for new life. I find humanities “differing and new traits”, ones that may proclaim an individual to be an outcast or an outsider, to fit powerfully in the tale of humanity’s “quest” for whatever it is searching for. To put it absolutely simply, if I had to make a guess. I would put my money on the idea that Humanity is searching to Love itself. We’re looking for Love. A homecoming of sorts.

How could a collective learn to Love itself? I would say by being introduced to new, challenging specimens of itself to love. Let’s talk about Gay people. Jordan Bach, an incredible and well-established life coach and spiritual teacher following principals of A Course in Miracles, says that being Gay is a gift from God, because it expands the ability of Love. It’s a declaration of sorts that grows where love can exist. I also believe that gay people provide an opportunity for the people around them to expand their own capabilities of Love. Can a person who believes that homosexuality is an abomination expand their own limits of Love to also encompass one they believe or believed to be unacceptable? When the opportunity is taken for the expansion of love and acceptance, I believe humanity is expanding their capability to Love. And the only way humanity can reach its collective goal of loving itself is through those smaller movements forward. This goes for any type of human being outside of the spectrum of acceptable. Can that person expand their own capabilities of love to love their selves, and can those around them expand their capabilities as well.

The power that lies within those outside the spectrum of normal is monumental because they are THE opportunities of forward movement. They are the evolutionary differences that provide opportunity for instability to find more stability by means of love, compassion, and acceptance. For those, specifically, who reside outside the spectrum of normal, I declare this to you: When you, with fully embrace and confidence, come into unconditional and actualized Love for yourself in totality, you have made history and have taken one step for all.

The great benefit of this is what happens with those around you. Things change drastically in your own world. You see yourself as not limited, but unlimited. People look at you differently, even curiously. While retaliation may occur, there is a noticeable difference in your invulnerability to negotiate your worth. Despite an argument over your being, the case has been won because you made the declaration of your beingness. While there was seen to be no seat at the table for you, you defied the laws of the “norm” and expanded the space and made your own seat. Perhaps you made a new table all together.

In high volume words, you authenticated and accepted your God given power: By giving to you the gift of yourself, you have opened the gateway for all seeing your experience into a grand Love. It’s magnetic, vulnerable yet invulnerable, brave, and mountain moving. It changes the game, brings great questions into the field of vision for others, and authenticates the truth that if you are here, the idea that you do not belong is delusional. Your differences have been rightfully proclaimed as what they are, new territory to expand love into. You are the space we need, as we learn to fill our own space with acceptance. As you embrace you, we are shown and gifted, as byproduct, influence to open our ideas on our prior limitations of Love.

Love and Blessings,

Your Friend Justin





The Power of Shifting Identity and Perspective

Not long ago, I learned a transformational observation about myself. For many years, I did not view the world from my own perspective, but from a macro-perspective. My consideration was often from a “we”, rather than an “I.” Despite my desire for the collective world to embrace Unity, we can easily learn from observation that we most-likely have not chosen that reality today – even if we are on the road of lessons to choose it. That being said, my identity with the whole turned into turmoil as I began to feel my personal sovereignty deplete itself until there was often little left except extreme fatigue, chaotic mental differences in my own mind, and a dwindling flame in the heart of my heart.

What was happening was this: I was taken on the responsibility of the world. Politics, disputes, poverty, illness, violence, spirituality, religion, etc. I took on it all. It was as if I was the funnel of voice that spoke for it all, almost a grand mediator. What I did not realize at the time was the fact that in my choosing to take on the large, heavy, and burdensome responsibility for representing all, I was actively participating in the suppression of my own world. The power of vulnerability was nowhere in my being, because I was not expressing the heart of my own, but the angst of all. In the expression of all of those around myself, it was as if I was oppressing the expression of my own. It was safe, lack-luster, and useless in changing anything in my life. The world was the dictator of my life, while I sat behind the wheel watching the hands of millions have their spin at it.

The term “empath”, has become widely known and accepted as a characteristic that many people share. It is the idea that any one person may be sensitive or open to the input and output of others. It takes observation from being an observer to being a chameleon in which one takes on the energy, emotions, and experiences of someone near and inappropriately identifies those feelings as their own. Being empathic is an incredible gift. As it has been said, with great power comes great responsibility. In this case, the grand responsibility comes down to the basic idea of “self.” Taking charge of your own wheel of life, partnering up with God (the universe, source, unity consciousness, or what have you), and entering the river of your life.

I refuse to use the terms “right” or “wrong” because they mean completely different things for every individual. I believe it comes down to the intention of what you want. The journey of intention, is what I would call a “flow.” And therefore anything could be identified as in or out of your flow. A sense of “non-judgement” is incredible useful, because a healthy truth is that we are all having our go at life – “knowing” is just a perception. A judgement is only this:a common agreement made by a group of people or a person about the value of a thing.

A monumental choice in entering the control room of your life is accepting your personal sovereignty, proclaiming responsibility, and re-aligning with your hearts desire.

For my own self, learning to trust my heart was the hardest. It was hard for me because for several years I seemed to live a life that lead to many different kinds of failure. Materially, spiritually, and physically. I felt that I could not win at anything. It took a grand intervention of sorts to knock some sense into me. It was a rock-bottom, shit hit the fan, passed out on the bathroom floor kind of moment – hospital included. In the time that followed, I received all sorts of voices proclaiming who I was, who I wasn’t, what I had wrong with me, what I had right with me, etc. And in that moment, I had an inkling sensation that I had a choice. A choice to longer identity with the voices surrounding. Whether it was family, friends, a therapist, a doctor, or whoever it was. I began to understand that living my own life was the same as having my own world. The only way I was going to make any kind of change, was to change the only world I had control of: mine.

It was then that I understood the importance of that observation of my identifying with the macro. I have no control over that world. None. It is out of my hands. Any idea of control of it is entirely delusional. It is insane. My experience of the world has only had one consciousness: My Own. The world I live in resides in my consciousness. Just as yours does.

Ironically, when I limited my perspective of consciousness to my own, I did not find the world smaller, but much larger. I found that I had a choice in how I interacted with it, how I seized opportunity, and how I communicated with it. It is as if my consciousness has an intimate relationship with the consciousness of others around myself. I understand that in all of my experience, I am the common denominator. I am the baseline. The best part about it, truly and deeply, is going even deeper. Deep into the soul of who I am, letting go of the outer-layer perspective of “ego” and entering the flow of my soul. The Infinite Intelligence of who I am. Which is sourced from the Infinite Intelligence of God, or as I love to call God, “All.”

This is only an outer layer of a much longer, yet still simple discussion of connecting with the self and flowing as essence of All. Yes, the language may seem esoteric or spiritual, and it is, but I have found it to be an incredible language in discussing mechanics of de-conditioning ourselves from the structures placed on us and those we have created ourselves, and stepping out and away from those cages.

Love and Blessings,

Your Friend Justin