This is for all the weirdos, the freaks, the nerds, the geeks, the preps, the glams, the goths, the yogis, the gurus… It’s pretty much for everyone, because that’s the kind of party this world can be.

We need you, now more than ever. Everyone of you has ideas, sparks that drive creations, inspirations, dreams, hopes, wants, and desires. We need them.

The convoluted society has kept up an idea that we need to preserve the conformity of what it means to be a human in today’s world. This same society has negated nearly all of the “wealth”, that idea we call money, to what we have learned to be around ONE-PERCENT of America’s population. I can only imagine that that percentage must be smaller if we were to look at the proportions on a global scale. This same society has created the life structure most of us are completely locked into: birth – brief years of soaking in life – 12 years of standard education – 4 to 8 plus years of secondary education – work – work – work – maybe marriage (even though divorce rates are insane) – maybe kids (even though we’re working the hours that are needed to provide healthy parenting for children) – work – work – work – retirement (if we even will still get social security; apparently it’s up for debate) – probably another form of work – death. Then, depending on what esoteric philosophy plays out to be true, we get to spend eternity in heaven (there might be different sectors so it’s also up for debate if you actually get to see all of your people) or hell , or we get thrown back down into another human life to do the cycle all over again, or we might just simply die, and the whole “after-life” thing might not end up being “a thing.”

This same society has also self-handedly created cancer, created bombs that could kill off nearly all life above the seas (maybe even below the seas), fracked up the crust to get oil, speaking of oil – it’s lead to pollution of our seas, our own water supplies (we need it to stay alive), not to mention it’s polluted the air that we breath… Probably not the best for our lungs.

This society has legalized thousands of addictive drugs that “treat” disease and body issues by “relieving” symptoms, and has made illegal hundreds of plant medicines (they’re organic too) which have been historically known to not only relieve symptoms, but also treat hundreds of illnesses, diseases, and mental disorders. The same society has also made it possible for around 30-40% of adults to have diagnosable depression, anxiety, or a mixture of both. We haven’t even gotten into credit cards, debt-income ratio, radiation levels, wars, genocides, racial-divides, civil rights and equalities, religious separation, terrorism, etc… I think it’s safe, also sort of terrifying, to say that this “society”… didn’t really work out.

Yeah, we got cell phones, pizza, netflix, hashtags, trendy fashion, some dope music, cars (even though most pollute our air and rely on that oil problem), disease cures (some diseases we caused, some we didn’t), and some wild technological advances… So, there were definitely some pros, cannot forget about those. But, overall… I still think it sort of didn’t work out since we’re kind of looking at a foreseeable future that could lead to another world war, not enough food and/or water for humans to survive (that’s without considering the animals that rely on the same planet to live), and plenty of more anxiety, depression, and disease to go around for everyone. Kind of weird. Kind of didn’t work out.

The funniest part of it all is that we didn’t “ask” to be here or to be here right now. There’s some belief systems that believe we chose to come right now, and I definitely find those to be valid at many points in my life, but at the end of the day; we got here because our parents joined their bodies together, a sperm met an egg, and wah-la: you became a human, and we were born into this whole thing. It’s also funny to realize that the actual people who started this whole society thing aren’t even alive anymore. We’re just carrying on their legacy, nothing more and nothing less.

I’m writing this because I keep talking to people, friends and strangers (some of you reading this right now), and I keep hearing that we all want to live in a better world. We want that idea of “a new Earth.” We want to live in a place where we can all just finally be happy, satisfied, and focus on the things that matter to our hearts. We don’t want to displace our time and efforts into pointless and meaningless hours at “work” and by doing things we could not care less about. To put it in perspective, if we’re only here for 80-90 years, is it really worth all of the grime, the grit… Is it necessary to spend hours slaving away for “the man” in order to have “your time to thrive?” Why is there “the man” in the first place? Aren’t we all “the man”? Are we all not our own sovereign selves who are here to live incredible lives on this beautiful planet we get to call Earth? Are we crazy to think that “it doesn’t have to be the way it is today?” Is it actually crazy to believe and truly think that life should be easy, peaceful, joyful, thriving, and full of co-existence; not only with ourselves, but with the planet that literally provides for our every need to exist as a biological lifeform? I’m tired of feeling crazy for believing that (I actually don’t feel crazy anymore, because it just makes sense to me, and being dishonest about my feelings doesn’t feel good in comparison to being genuinely honest).

There’s a new realization that’s been growing. So many of us are feeling it. It took a few thousand years for us to get here, but that’s okay. There’s a certain kind of gratitude to be found in acknowledging the thousand of years that it took to get us here, because THEY GOT US HERE.

That old society thing taught each of us what we individually believe what it takes to be our ideal selves. Yet, today, we stand amongst many, MANY people who challenge that belief system. We stand alongside transgendered people, gay people, black people, tan people, muslim people, asian people, native people, white people, latino people, people of every kind of people. The common denominator is” PEOPLE. It’s simple.

For all of you people out there who challenge the status quo with your authenticity, we NEED you now more than ever. We need to see your bravery, your willingness, and your relentless ability to live out YOUR truth, YOUR expression, YOUR nature. We need to know that we can do the same ourselves. We need your lives as our inspiration to understand how to accept ourselves. We need to see you live your lives that challenge our inner and outer structures, because we want so desperately want to break out of them. We want to learn how to believe that “it’s okay” to be ourselves. We need to see how it’s okay to be different than what that old society deemed to be correct. We need to know that the reasons we all feel so strange, alienated, depressed, and anxious is possibly, and simply, because they way things have been simply doesn’t work – and we are living in the painful decay being constantly reminded that it doesn’t feel good to keep living this way. WE NEED YOU.

We need to know that who we are is more important, more beautiful, more extraordinary than what we believe we have to become to be in order to reach mass acceptance by the fallen paradigm.

Look at history, it didn’t work out for Babylon. And don’t forget about Atlantis, it’s sort of now submerged under the ocean.

We’re all here. And it’s beautiful. It’s sexy. It’s rogue. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s unity. It’s grace. It’s love. It’s fun. It’s a party.

What if oneness doesn’t have to mean sameness? What if unity doesn’t have to have a center? What if we embraced our planet as a mother, a provider, and a nurturer?

What if we replaced our value in money with the values of our hearts? Wouldn’t that feel so good? Wouldn’t that resonate with us? Sure, we can say “that would never work.” But, we can also simply look at the facts that that sort of thinking sort of didn’t work out so well for us, did it? It’s not even revolutionary. It’s nature. Life has a circle, and the circle of life has so many pieces. We need every piece to complete it. We need You.

Keep shining, keep expressing, and keep creating with your beautiful hearts. We need your brave ideas, your bold movements, your genius. We need You.

Your Friend,

Justin Oberts


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